A funny thing happened on the way to enlightenment. I used to think of enlightenment as a destination — and anticipated an arrival. I soon discovered there was no such thing as arrival, just continuous forward movement on the path too….wait, I then discovered there was not even a “too” only continuous forward movement.  Such a delight to no longer have to be concerned about an arrival. This has enabled me to focus more on continuous movement forward and enjoyment of the expression of each now moment as it presents itself–lessons and all!

Recently I was gifted with a wonderful lesson. I am aware that I gently remind others that when I do not accept “what is” the outcome is to cause myself angst. The desire for something to be any other way than the way it is is a form of self punishment. This discordant energy is also taking up space in my head blocking more productive creative thoughts from manifesting and creating brilliance.

I recently signed up for a training course. During the third skype session I recognized that I was sitting with so much resistance I was uncomfortable, and radiating this energy all over the place as well. A little bit of righteous indignation creeps in spurring on the resistance.  YIKES!!  WOW what is the lesson here – not funny when in the middle of it all—I call this lesson humor!! On enlisting my own powers of self examination I was able to identify the resistance and yet still challenged to clear it. Let’s throw a little more discomfort into the picture. This required a session with my Heart Intelligence buddy to assist in the endeavor of tracking and naming the primary source of this enigma.

During an intense session I discovered (who me!) I had an expectation of the course material and how it would be presented.When it did not present to my expectations I became agitated (adding a little self punishment), wishing for it to be what it was not.  Lesson humor 101– I was given this lesson, one that I regularly espouse to others and could not find it in myself without a little assistance. Nothing like being blind sided by a lesson I am familiar with. I can say though that I no longer grin and bear it, rather I grin and clear it.

As I revisit The Work of Bryon Katie and give myself a gentle reminder to accept what is life is better once again. Then I read this on FB today—“Discomfort is the call to set yourself free” Byron Katie. I love how the Universe works!