Energy Clearings


Auric Clearings work by clearing the highest priority low frequency auric attachments from people, places and events stored in memory at the cellular level that have been carried around for many lifetimes. Clearing the energy field and chakras of these blockages and attachments opens  to embodiment of a persons true essence of Divine Love.

Attachments are blockages of occupants, thoughtforms, soul fragments, and personalities of others carried from lifetime to lifetime. They are made up of an accumulation of highly charged emotional energy such as fear, anger, hatred, heartbreak that are unresolved and not yet owned as wisdom. These forces are very magnetic and attract more of the same into the energy field, holding back a persons evolution. Layer after layer these energy attachments are unplugged from the neural nets of the brain setting a person free.

The Auric Clearing experience is one of a new sense of freedom, inner quiet and peacefulness. The benefit is also operating at a new higher frequency that will resonate with and attract like vibratory frequencies of people, places and events into the energetic field, instead of the trauma/drama of the past.  This opens to the blossoming of the authentic self and to a greater sense of joy, purpose and clarity in the persons experience of life.

How This Works

I connect with you energetically where ever you are in the world. Phone or Skype is not necessary. An appointment is made for the clearing. At the appointed time, you should be quiet, resting, in a relaxed state with the set intention of receiving and integrating the clearing in the highest and best way for you.

I connect energetically with your Higher Self and ask permission to do the clearing—the Higher Self always agrees! I start at the crown chakra and work my way down to the 1st chakra—clearing each chakra and your energy field of all attachments, until I get that it is clear. Sometimes clearing entities (discarnates) that are blocking a specific chakra from being cleared, this has to be done before I can continue.

After the chakras are cleared I check for wormholes and portals and close them. Wormholes are cord like connections to other dimensions where your energy is being drained. Portals are tears in your central vertical channel where you are loosing energy.

Are you ready to embody the true essence of who you are and have the joy in life that you desire?


Karmic Sessions work on karmic contracts which are defined as beliefs, decisions, truths, alignments, oaths, vows, and unresolved attitudes that bring into a persons life the reality they are experiencing. These unresolved issues are carried from lifetime to lifetime, keeping them in a “karmic loop” of people places and events of similar experiences and frequencies.

As the healing facilitator of the Karmic session I connect energetically to the Higher Self from anywhere in the world, the Higher Self then directs the clearing of the highest priority issues keeping the person in the karmic loop and slowing the progress of the souls evolution.

The benefits of the Karmic sessions are living a life more in line with a persons soul mission, manifesting the reality they desire, raising their frequency connecting energetically to people places and events more in line with the souls purpose. No longer are they held prisoner by past emotionally charged ups and downs they had no control over.

Are you ready to let go of the drama and be free to live your life with the joy, clarity and conscious awareness that is your birthright?

One Auric and one Karmic Session are required before having DNA Activations.


60 minute session $150.00

3 session package-combination of Auric or Karmic $400.00