DNA Activations


Energy Clearing work is required prior to doing the DNA Activations.

The Masters DNA Activations remove lower frequency energetic blockages and activate dormant DNA allowing a person to accrete more light and expand in consciousness. With these lower vibrating frequencies there are distortions in consciousness, cognition and perception. The lower vibrating frequencies also do not allow a person to accrete and hold the higher frequencies, which slows spiritual progress.

When clearing the blockages and activating DNA we are turning on a persons true potential. This process is always guided by the persons Higher Self which directs exactly what is in alignment with each individuals progress. Through self actualization and up graded awareness we have more clarity and are able to manifest our intentions in line with our souls mission.

With each DNA activation lower vibrating energies are cleared and higher consciousness is downloaded from our soul identity into our DNA template.

This is a series of 3 Activations.

The Golden DNA Activations were gifted to humanity at an important time in this ascension cycle to activate the frequencies of the Absolute Harmonic Universe into our DNA template. By accreting, embodying and holding the higher frequencies coming into the planet at this time we will assist all of humanity in the ascension process.  I like to compare this to doing an up grade on our operating system from source,  downloading the perfect version of ourselves.

This will enable us to activate the earths grids from where ever we are physically located by sending these frequencies through our DNA into the planetary grids to ascend humanity and the planet at the same time.

There are 12 codes to activate in both the Masters DNA Activation and the Golden DNA Activation protocol. I do this in 3 sessions, one a week for 3 weeks in which 4 codes will be activated each time to complete the protocol. Having these activations one week apart allows time for integration of the work being done.

Are you ready to embody your true essence, unlock and live to your full potential while assisting humanity and the planet?


DNA Masters Activation $528.00 3 sessions

Golden DNA Activations $528.00 3 sessions

DNA Masters Activations additional sessions,
5 session package $650.00