Back in the ‘70’s during the early days of my own journey into self growth I became excited about sharing my discoveries with those close to me. It was grand to learn of meditation, SRF teachings, Paramahansa Yogananda’s books and more. I felt as though I had come upon the secret of life and was eager to share it. Only to be met with skepticism or nonchalance. I kept wondering how could this be, I had come upon fabulous life changing processes that I very much resonated with and nobody around me shared my feelings. Regardless I continued to move further into the process of self growth, occasionally sharing information that had been helpful to me with anyone who requested help.

Over the years there were family members I may have been too eager in offering this help, only to be met with resistance. I so wanted to help them change the behaviors that had been causing so much frustration in their own lives. Over time I learned to gently offer tidbits when asked my opinion, then to let go of whether or not the information was used.

I then thought wow everything is going to be great now that I have reached this milestone in my own growth. And for most of my relationships things were working very well, yet one familial relationship challenged me to no end. I continued to look within and wonder why I was triggered almost every time I interacted with this family member. I began to doubt my own progress when I could not manage my own reactions. With other interactions I could choose to walk away from the situations where I felt a lack of integrity present, yet one family member challenged my every word. I was beginning to think the Universe was playing a cruel joke on me.

Upon examining the issue I chose to revisit the awareness that everything has a right to exist, including my sibling and their way of being, that this was really not my business. What was up to me was to shed my story about this relationship and work on myself.

I was up for the challenge, knowing I desired to move forward, which meant being mindful of my own behavior. Dealing with this dilemma was at times….uhhh…slightly painful…you know—no pain no gain—yes that one. The family dynamic also came into play—a younger sibling constantly challenging the older sibling—double YIKES! I found myself micromanaging my own unconscious physiological responses during phone conversations, becoming even more mindful of known triggers and auto reactions.

I also felt blessed to have a toolbox of fabulous resources with which to help myself. The same tools I use to help others with similar challenges. Checking myself for Auric attachments, demons, soul fragments, personalities of others etc. then doing clearings. Also Karmic cleansing, checking for active archetypes invading my thought processes, clearing the frequencies in me that triggered my reactions.

There was no instant fix, only moving forward with mindfulness of my own state. As my attitude evolved our interactions began to soften. Very clearly this came about by my continued diligence to monitor and work on myself. As I softened I also noticed my animals softened toward me even more. Interactions in my daily life and community became richer and fuller. Now that I look back at the chain reaction that came about by having a sibling that challenged me thus causing me to look within which resulted in a big leap of inner growth by BEING THE CHANGE, I am so grateful YES! YES! YES!