Mary Rocha
July 21, 2014

As I move forward with my personal and spiritual journey I have noticed how my perception of people places and events has shifted. I have been working on my self diligently doing the same Energy Clearing work and DNA Activations I offer to do on others. I have no expectation I will reach a place where I no longer require additional work. The more work I do on myself the better clarity and intuitive guidance I experience in life.

This is one of the hallmarks of my work, clearing the distortions in consciousness, cognition, and perception. The filter through which everyone views life is clouded by beliefs, judgments, attitudes, truths, and the energy of lifetimes of trials and tribulations which are stored in cellular memory and passed on through the DNA of our ancestors. As I clear these energies from myself my true potential emerges, I am able to accrete and hold more light in my field and raise my frequency which enables me to move through my cloudy perception and fast forward spiritually.

Mastering my own thoughts and clearing energies and patterns is an on going process. With each accomplishment comes gratefulness for the wisdom gained and the growth that comes with it. My journey has been exciting as daily I get to play in an arena of possibilities. I live in full responsibility of what I attract to myself, and have the clarity and discernment to question the way I view a situation, especially when the integrity I hold myself accountable to shows up, which has enabled me to live in a very clear and conscious way.

With keener insight into all that happens around me in relationships, finances, work, play, daily interactions I have the opportunity to live reality based and drama free.
As I journey onward with renewed clearer vision, I also attract those of similar frequencies into my field as others fall away. This does not mean life is perfect, there are bumps along the way. I do have mentors, and valued friends with whom I consult when I desire assistance, feedback, or a little spray of windex.

Once blockages and old stuck energies are cleared a gentle unfoldment of new thought processes emerge replacing the broken record of ruminating thoughts of worry, regret, diminishing self talk, the drama of the moment, judgments, blame. This makes room for new higher vibrational thoughts, ideas and brilliant creations. Moving into a new higher frequency is the outcome.

Monitoring my internal landscape directly reflects the outcome of what happens in the external landscape. I hold myself accountable to maintain the highest quality thoughts, use energy clearing when faulty perception arises, and question when possible beliefs or judgments show up that require further identification, inquiry and clearing. Remaining humble and spiritually attuned also requires clearing any tendency toward self righteousness—yikes!! As I look back on my former self it feels great to have moved away from the investment in being right and into acceptance of what is.

This new way of BEing is available to everyone who journeys onward with Energy Clearings and DNA Activations. It has brought fulfillment to my life, a new inner quiet and peacefulness, a blossoming of my authentic self, my potential and clarity in my experience of life.

Mary Rocha


Do you ever find yourself agreeing to do something and later scratching your head and saying to yourself — “Why did I do that” or “why can’t I say no!”
Do you wonder why you cannot say NO, or Thank you, and NO in a firm, kind way. I do have pretty good boundaries and most of the time am able to do this, although there are times when I squirm and find it uncomfortable. Yes, squirm mode can be a little disconcerting. I am mindful each day to live in integrity so this is somewhat of a double YIKES situation.

When this comes up for me I feel a little out of sync, knowing I desire to say NO and yet am unable to summon the courage to say Thank you, NO. I then wonder to myself, am I agreeing to be accepted, or to avoid the discomfort of saying no, or saying to myself—“well I don’t mind, it doesn’t really matter one way or the other”. Yes, I looked within and found each of these excuses. In an effort to live a life of impeccable integrity, congruency, and authenticity I now question even the most innocent of reasons – “it doesn’t really matter”

As usual the Universe offers up what is needed to help move me forward. In situations where I ponder being agreeable and am not able to summon an honest NO, I am now also mindful of my integrity. I was offered exposure to a large number of potential clients in exchange for “gifting” someone one my premier offerings – a series of Golden DNA Activations. Though very tempting, I felt I was dishonoring the sacredness of this incredible protocol I invested time, money and energy to master. As with other times when I feel the dis ease of being out of sync, I also felt out of integrity by gifting this protocol. Inner guidance led me to go within and ask. Through the stillness in my heart center I receive a conformation and the answer is a loud clear NO. Still I waver for a few days, summoning the courage to say NO, without the need to explain. Honest NOs do not require an explanation!! Once the honest NO came forth from my inner most self, I felt empowered and honored to have embodied the honest NO at the very core of my being! I never realized how important it was to embody this process.

Not to long later I had another opportunity to practice this honest NO. Mindfulness and awareness are necessary for this to occur. The Universe can be a little tricky in testing me. The opportunity sometimes comes disguised, and it is easy to be lulled into agreeability. Like any “muscle” the honest NO requires practice to master. With each honest NO I embody the next one is easier.

There was a time in my life when this realization would never have occurred to me. It comes through the diligence of self examination, and doing Energy Clearing work on myself daily. Energy Clearing work has brought more clarity, purpose and joy into my life as old beliefs, patterns of behavior, and thought processes are cleared from my chakras, energy body and DNA.


A funny thing happened on the way to enlightenment. I used to think of enlightenment as a destination — and anticipated an arrival. I soon discovered there was no such thing as arrival, just continuous forward movement on the path too….wait, I then discovered there was not even a “too” only continuous forward movement.  Such a delight to no longer have to be concerned about an arrival. This has enabled me to focus more on continuous movement forward and enjoyment of the expression of each now moment as it presents itself–lessons and all!

Recently I was gifted with a wonderful lesson. I am aware that I gently remind others that when I do not accept “what is” the outcome is to cause myself angst. The desire for something to be any other way than the way it is is a form of self punishment. This discordant energy is also taking up space in my head blocking more productive creative thoughts from manifesting and creating brilliance.

I recently signed up for a training course. During the third skype session I recognized that I was sitting with so much resistance I was uncomfortable, and radiating this energy all over the place as well. A little bit of righteous indignation creeps in spurring on the resistance.  YIKES!!  WOW what is the lesson here – not funny when in the middle of it all—I call this lesson humor!! On enlisting my own powers of self examination I was able to identify the resistance and yet still challenged to clear it. Let’s throw a little more discomfort into the picture. This required a session with my Heart Intelligence buddy to assist in the endeavor of tracking and naming the primary source of this enigma.

During an intense session I discovered (who me!) I had an expectation of the course material and how it would be presented.When it did not present to my expectations I became agitated (adding a little self punishment), wishing for it to be what it was not.  Lesson humor 101– I was given this lesson, one that I regularly espouse to others and could not find it in myself without a little assistance. Nothing like being blind sided by a lesson I am familiar with. I can say though that I no longer grin and bear it, rather I grin and clear it.

As I revisit The Work of Bryon Katie and give myself a gentle reminder to accept what is life is better once again. Then I read this on FB today—“Discomfort is the call to set yourself free” Byron Katie. I love how the Universe works!