Mary Whinney

Mary Rocha holds a BA and teachers credential from California State University in Los Angeles, though her passion for horses took her down an entirely different road in her journey through life.  She made her way into the field of horse racing, where she lived the dream of being a Jockey, then an owner/trainer of race horses along side her husband.

In 2008 she discovered Toby Alexander and DNA Perfection, with whom she very much resonated and began the first of many energy healing processes.   After being sidelined in 2009 with a work injury she took the opportunity to study in the field of lifelong interest she has in alternative healing modalities, continuing with courses and healing opportunities with Toby Alexander and Ivonne Delaflor.  This led to moving forward on her path of personal growth, then training to do healing work on others.

Mary is dedicated in her pursuit of clearing her own blockages, optimizing her clarity, purpose and joy in life.  This has lead to deeper sense of all that is available to anyone who feels there is more to life than their present experience.

Mary works with the same commitment in healing herself to assisting others in this unique healing opportunity to discover and be open to a more authentic and purposeful life.  Having trained and received certifications in numerous energetic healing methods she combines these into a more complete picture of body mind and spirit to assist in attaining a more balanced expression of having a joyful, authentic experience of life.

Mary Rocha
Awakening Your Joy
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It is my mission to be an example of the change I desire to see in the world.